CQC receive coveted award for Osprey MK IV A

CQC receive coveted award for Osprey MK IV A

May 2012 – CQC receive coveted award for Osprey MK IV A. CQCs’ renowned Osprey Body armour and load carriage system has been awarded the “Best Load Carriage System” award at the prestigious Soldier Technology 2012 Awards dinner.The award was presented by an International panel of Soldier System experts selected from across the global end user community. Osprey was chosen as “best in class” for its “continued evolution to deliver the most efficient, capable, durable and flexible load carriage and protection system” and for its “bespoke and innovative design to maximise the flexibility in the distribution of weight and integration of ballistic protection without compromising on combat effectiveness”.

Receiving the award on behalf of CQC, MD John Pelosi said “The award means a great deal to the team at CQC. For a small company to have delivered a world class system that has earned such a big reputation for saving lives every day means a great deal”. He added “Special thanks must go to the R&D team at CQC who have put so much time, effort and energy in continually seeking ways to improve and refine the system. And also to our colleagues at the MOD who have helped ensure the system continues to develop”.

CQC received the award against stiff competition in the category, beating the previous holder who had won the award three years running.

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